If you could have a soundtrack to your life...

Each track of Cinema12 takes you on a different and unique journey between dreams, imagination and reality. Ethereal vocals, lush strings, dark melodies and world rhythms create a sound tapestry hard to relate to any other, yet deeply and strangely recognizable. Haunting and operatic vocals relying not on any recognizable language, but on the subjective sounds and textures of verbalized emotions. A fusion of sounds and orchestrations between East and West, ancient and progressive, through the use of acoustic and electronic instruments, weaving strong rhythmic hooks and lyrical motifs from around the globe and beyond. Enjoy the journey.

Written & Produced by Cinema 12 

Dina Fanai - Vocals & Percussion 

Bob Kinkel - Piano & Keyboards 

Dave Eggar - Strings & Vocals 

Nik Chinboukas - Guitars & Programming